There are few places in the world where a visit in winter is preferable, but Prague is definitely one of them. Though it has its charms in the summer, of course, it’s a great city to visit wrapped up in a thick winter coat.

For some reason, the breathtaking architecture and bridges look even more picturesque in the cold, especially if you get a mist hanging over the river when you’re strolling over Charles Bridge when the lamps are lit.

There are many different places to choose to stay in Prague, both in the centre and a little further out of town. The beauty of staying further out is that you can get some fabulous hotels with great facilities. Take for example, the Corinthia Hotel is in the Vsyehrad district near the Prague Congress Centre. As well as having all the facilities you’d expect in a hotel, as it’s out of the centre of town, there’s also the space at the top of this tower hotel for a relaxing day spa and indoor pool – a great place to unwind after a day’s sightseeing. The pool has three walls made of glass, offering unparalleled views over the city of Prague.

Prague’s metro system makes it easy to stay outside of the centre and travel in to see the main sights of interest, like Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

As well as lots of sights to visit, Prague has many wonderful cafés and bars, where you can enjoy some famous Czech beers in comfort. Winter weather gives you a good excuse for lots of pit stops in various hostelleries to warm up before continuing on your way.

The only thing to remember when coming to Prague in winter is to be prepared for snow – wrap up warm and pack non-slip boots or shoes, and don’t forget your thermals.