Another amazing view can be achieved by scaling the cliffs of Cape St. Vincent in Algarve, Portugal, one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the western Algarve, the cape’s nearly vertical cliffs rise close to 75 meters above the Atlantic.


Home to a wide variety of exotic marine life and a diverse population of birds, the cliffs of Cape St. Vincent provide a magnificent view of the beautiful cape. Another option for exploring Algarve is to take a tour of Algarve Only a short distance from the Faro airport where most visitors arrive, the Algarve tours are great for making the best of Algarve accessible to tourists.


These tours range from Algarve Sea Caves Cruises to Algarve wine tasting tours. There is also a wide range of family-friendly things to do including zoos and theme parks in Algarve, so there is a guarantee that everyone will be thoroughly entertained in this wonderful city.